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The Forensic Geology Working Group has now been promoted as a separate IUGS Initiative outside GEM. The Forensic Geology Initiative website can be accessed through: or  

Aims and objectives of the IUGS-GEM Working Group on Forensic Geology

The aim of this working group is to develop forensic geology internationally and promote its applications


The objectives are to: 

  1. Collate and disseminate data and information on forensic geology applied to policing and law enforcement, criminal and civil investigations. 
  2. Promote international meetings, seminars and conferences. 
  3. Develop an international ‘Working Group’ whereby each ‘Member’ will act as a principal contact in their respective country for the collation and dissemination of information on forensic geology. 
  4. Develop a ‘Steering Group Committee’ to act as principal advisers and collaborators. 
  5. Collate and review any existing documentation and publications in forensic geology. 
  6. Produce a document endorsed by the Steering Group Committee and Members to be called ‘A Guide to Forensic Geology’.