International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS)  
Geosciences for Environmetal Management (GEM)
Geoforensic International Network (GIN) 
List of Members
Original compiled by: Laurance Donnelly, 17 April 2009
Version: 25 March 2010
1. This is a list of current IUGS GEM GIN members 
2. Where a country is geographically large, or the geoforensics is diverse then more than one member has been assigned to GIN
3. This infrmation is not for distribution or any use outside GIN
4. The main aim of a 'member' is to act as the princiapl point of contact in their repective country for the dissemination of information on forensic geology
5. Contact Laurance Donnelly ( if your contact details change or are incorrect
    Confirmed members
  Waiting for response/confirmation
  Steering Group
    Country Second Name First name Affiliation Email
    Australia Fitzpatrick Rob CSIRO
    Australia Robertson James  Australian Federal Police
    Australia Tibbett Mark Centre for Land Rehabilitation, University of Western Australia
    Belgium Martens Kristine Academia
    Belgium Walraevens Kristine Academia
    Belgium Cnudde Jean Pierre Academia
    Brasil Russo Daniel Departamento de Policia Federal, Instituto Nacional de Criminalistica
    Canada Forbes Shari  University of Ontario Institute of Technology
    China Pangyu Bang Waiting for contact information Waitng for contact information
    Colombia Molina Gallego Carlos Martin Instituto Nacional de Medicina Legal y Ciencias Forense, Bogota, Colombia
    France Torres Cindy  Academia
    Germany Andreas Hellmann Forensic Science Institute of the German Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalamt) and
    GB (England) geoevidence Pirrie Duncan Forensic geoscientists, Helford Geoscience LLP (specialist in trace evdience)
    GB (England) search Donnelly Laurance Chair, The Geological Society of London, Forensic Geoscience Group specialist in search)
    GB (Wales) Mudge Steve Exponent UK,  Managing Scientist in Environmental Forensics
    GB (Scotland) Dawson Lorna Macaulay institute
    GB (Scotland) Miller David Macaulay institute
    GB (Northern Ireland) Ruffell Alastair Queens University Belfast, Department of Geography, Archaeology & Geology
    GB (British Police) Harrison Mark UK National Police Search Advisor, National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA)
    India Gangwar D Central Forensic Science Lab., Forensic Sciences Ministry, Government of India
    Ireland Bonsall James Earthsound Archaeological Geophysics, County Mayo
    Italy Di Maggio Rosa Maria Direzione Centrale Anticrimine, Servizio Polizia Scientifica, Roma
    Italy  Canuti Paolo University of Florence, Earth Sciences Department &
    Japan Sugita Ritsuko National Research Institute of Police Science in Japan
    Namibia Mupani Benjamin Member for Africa
    New Zealand Nobes David University of Cantebury, Department of Geological Sciences, Christchurch, New Zealand
    Portugal  Guedes Alexandra Centro e Departamento de Geologia, Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade do Porto
    Russia Gradusva Olga Russian Federal Centre of Forensic Science, Ministry of Justice
    Russia Nesterina Ekaterina Russian Federal Centre of Forensic Science, Ministry of Justice
    South Africa Burger Karen Academia
    South Africa Dube Khulekani  Academia
    Spain Santillana Enrique  Government
    Sweden Envall Glenn Skandinavisk Arkeologisk Geofysik AB
    Switzerland Freudiger-Bonzon Jaanne Academia
    The Netherlands Luschen Mark Police
    The Netherlands Struik Jitteke Police
    USA Murray Ray  Forensic Geologist, Missoula, Montanna or
    USA Schneck William Microanalysis Technical Lead, Washington State Patrol Crime Lab
    USA Stam Marianne California Department of Justice
    USA Bergslien Elisa Earth Sciences & Science Education, Buffalo State College, Buffalo, NY BERGSLET@buffalostate.ed
    West Indies/Carribbean Nieves Lorna Jaramillo  Departamento de Ciencias Físicas, Facultad de Estudios Generales, Universidad de Puerto Rico, Río Piedras
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